Mike McGarry on Encouraging Weary Youth Pastors


A friend of the Next Institute, Mike McGarry, longtime pastor for youth and families at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Norfolk, Massachusetts, recently had an article published by The Gospel Coalition entitled “Encouragement for Weary Youth Pastors”. In it, McGarry extends the grace of God to the longtime youth worker, who often experiences great loss guiding young people through the difficult years of adolescence. The Next Institute resounds with an image McGarry shares from the gospels - that we sow the seed of the gospel into many different types of soil. McGarry makes the point that it is beneficial to our profession for more and more youth workers to be in our vocation for a long time, despite the long-suffering and endurance we must draw from the Lord to soldier on. We would add that the longer a vocational youth worker is able to remain in healthy ministry, the longer one can grow in the capacity to care for students, shepherd them into adulthood, and communicate the gospel to them through learning about deep things like growing in one’s ability to teach well, the development of adolescents, how to deal with students and trauma, and emerging sociological trends. Thank you Mike for such wonderful encouragement!

Read Mike’s piece at the Gospel Coalition here.

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