National Coming Out Day Resources


October 11/12 is National Coming Out Day in many parts of the world, a time when individuals take the opportunity to share their stories of publicly declaring their identification with various alternative sexualities - sometimes for the first time. As some youth ministries may have had students participate in NCOD, perhaps unexpectedly, the Next Institute would like to share a few resources we feel are especially helpful in the areas of sexuality:

This panel discussion was hosted by the Reformation Project, a pro-LGBTQ+ organization. While the institute does not support the Reformation Project’s perspective on biblical sexuality, we commend their honesty at this event - of the three pastors invited to be a part of the panel, two of the three hold to biblical, orthodox standards for human sexuality. The event is a wonderful example of dialogue that does find middle ground between opposing perspectives, but must at some point still publicly disagree in a way that maintains human dignity and compassion.


Preston Sprinkle’s book People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality is Not Just an Issue is likewise an incredible resource, especially for those who are interested in clear, accessible (even to older teens!) discussions of biblical history, archeology, and Hebrew and Greek translations of key passages regarding sexuality. Readers will feel with Preston his desire to come to a different conclusion than he is able to faithfully after his thorough study of the text. He also models how to respond to many of the important questions teens ask regarding the Bible and alternate sexuality.

For a wider place to begin, consider the Rooted podcast and curriculum on biblical sexuality. This easy to use curriculum uses a podcast students and parents/leaders then discuss to help facilitate meaningful conversation about biblical sexuality.

Of course, know we at the Next Institute are praying for you even as we pray for our own youth ministries, that we would shepherd well all of the students the Lord brings us.