From Atheist to Christian at Yale - Dr. Paul Lim

At a conference appearance in Ottowa, Canada, Dr. Paul Lim recounts his personal testimony of coming to faith in Jesus. It is a beautiful accounting of God’s pursuing grace, especially at a prestigious university such as Yale. However, it is also harrowing to hear the first 20 minutes of the presentation, which include Dr. Lim’s youth ministry experience. Note the all-too-common factors - a lack of relational ministry, a lack of grace-filled, deep teaching, and an inability to care for ‘inconvenient’ people (those outside of the dominant paradigms within our ministry). The pain on his face as he shares this aspect of his story should move us to tears, and challenge us to question:

  • Is your ministry hypothetically relational, or actually so? Are there individuals who ‘bowl alone’ at your events?

  • What can humble yet intellectually compelling teaching about the gospel, that which connects with students with questions destined for the halls of places like Yale, look like?

  • Who are inconvenient students for us, the categories our programs cannot easily connect with? How can we prepare for these students?

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