Review: "Dealing with the Shame of Depression"


Clark Forbes is a youth pastor in an Asian-American context in California, a PhD candidate in missiology, and an up-and-coming thinker with an incredible perspective on youth ministry. His recent article on his journey through depression is notable not only for its grace-filled, biblical approach to depression, processing the disorder through Ps. 88 (this alone makes the article an incredible resource), but also for a uniquely profound missiological observation. Forbes notes that due to the power of social media, teens must now maintain a social persona that will stay with them digitally throughout their life. This anxiety over other-awareness draws heavy parallels with honor-shame dynamics present in many Eastern cultures. In other words, Western teens are beginning to relate to the world in very Eastern ways.

Read “Dealing with the Shame of Depression”, consider Forbes’ blog, and follow the rest of Rooted’s mental health week!

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